Scottsdale Pork

Animal welfare is first on Scottsdale Pork's farm - every effort is made to ensure the pigs are comfortable, happy and contented. A team of highly trained stockmen are passionate about the pigs, ensuring they are kept safe and warm.

Scottsdale Pork's sows live in large eco-shelters, free to move around and socialise with other pigs. Prior to farrowing, they are moved to paddocks with their own hut to nestle in. The sow and her piglets are free to express their natural character in these paddocks where they roam, dig, wallow and socialise.

After 4 weeks, the sow's piglets are weaned into open-plan eco-shelters, which are lined with a fresh clean bed of straw for the piglets to nestle in and keep warm. These shelters are designed to provide natural ventilation while protecting the piglets from the elements: The high UV rays in the summer, and wind and rain in the winter.