Sharman's Story

A focus on animal welfare & produce quality

Sharmans Butchery is committed to suppling Burnie, the North-West coast and Tasmania with the finest quality fresh meat, smallgoods, ham and bacon all which is produced in house from superior quality local livestock and produce that Tasmania has to offer. 

Sharmans Butchery has continued to grow into a reputable and trusted brand over the last 5 decades, that is not only recognised in the local town of Burnie but right throughout Tasmania.  

Clint and Brock took over the family run business a decade ago and wanted to make sure they built on the foundation which had already been set by Ray and Christine Sharman and continue to go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service and the finest quality produce to their loyal customer base. 

Along with their highly skilled and motivated team of butchers they are the go to place on the north west coast for all your fresh meat and smallgoods. They are always more than happy to help you select which cut is needed for that special occasion, recipe or hand craft a piece of meat, dice or trim a steak to your specification. 

Sharmans Butchery has been nationally recognized with awards for excellence for their Ham, Bacon and smallgoods.

Our Lamb

Our Lamb is supplied direct from our farm at Stowport or handpicked from selected farms across the North-West of Tasmania. All Lamb is Free-range, pasture feed and free of any added hormones, steroids and growth promotions. 

All lamb is hand selected by our stockman with over 50 years’ experience to ensure we are providing the tastiest and tenderness quality lamb to our customers.

Our Beef

All our beef is 100% Tasmanian and raised on some of the finest quality pasture in the world, at our family farm at Stowport or hand selected from quality farmers in our area. 

Our beef is free-range pasture feed and dry-aged in house to guarantee the finest flavour and eating quality for our loyal customer base.

All our beef is free of added growth hormone promotions and antibiotics.