Our trusted suppliers

Our culture of continual improvement ensures our beef cattle are nurtured through the highest standards to produce a tasty, juicy, natural beef with a superb eating experience. Our suppliers, Scottsdale Pork and Nichol's Poultry share our vision and together we pride ourselves on the provision of quality produce from the paddock to the plate. Read more about our suppliers vision and philosophies in the brief bios below or visit their websites via the links provided.

Scottsdale Pork

Welfare is first on our farm - every effort is made to ensure our pigs are comfortable, happy and contented. Our team of highly trained stockmen are passionate about our pigs, ensuring they are kept safe and warm.

Our sows live in large eco-shelters, free to move around and socialise with other pigs. Prior to farrowing, they are moved to paddocks with their own hut to nestle in. The sow and her piglets are free to express their natural character in these paddocks where they roam, dig, wallow and socialise.

After 4 weeks, the sow's piglets are weaned into open-plan eco-shelters, which are lined with a fresh clean bed of straw for the piglets to nestle in and keep warm. These shelters are designed to provide natural ventilation while protecting the piglets from the elements: The high UV rays in the summer, and wind and rain in the winter.

For more information visit the website - scottsdalepork.com.au

Nichols Poultry

Nichols Poultry is a fully vertically integrated poultry producer and processor of chickens. We have total control and ownership of all inputs to our products from breeding hatchery through to feed mill to broiler growing to end processing and distribution.

Nichols Poultry is a family owned business that has been producing Chicken for the niche Tasmanian market for 2 decades. We began poultry production in 1988 producing some 80 units per week. By 2013 production was in excess of 45,000 units per week.

For more information visit the website - nicholspoultry.com.au